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Normal Gal. Gone Trainer.

What does "Normal Gal. Gone Trainer." even mean? It means before I became a trainer, I wasn't a workout buff, a gym rat or even a person who liked exercise, quite frankly. I worked out because I knew it was necessary for health, well-being and general happiness.

For years, I jumped from one gym to another - paying $30-$40 a month for single 30-minute visits to the gym. The motivation just wasn't there and the workouts were boring.

Then I discovered boxing and everything changed. I realized that a workout can be fun; that exercise can give you a sense of accomplishment; and that at the end of a workout you should feel strong, and more importantly, not feel miserable.

After three years of boxing, I wanted to share my discoveries with others. I earned my NASM personal training certification in 2013. I've been coaching private clients and teaching group classes ever since.

So what did I discover? What's my secret to workout success?

Do something fun that makes you feel good.

That's it. Free workout advice!

But if you'd like a little help staying motivated in your pursuit of your goals, or if you need help finding that "fun thing" workout, I just might be your gal. Contact me today to get started.





78704 Austin, TX




What to do first. Then, what to expect.


Step 1: Contact me! Call, text, email or social media.

Step 2: I'll respond! Then we can set-up a time to chat and/or schedule our first session.

Step 3: You'll fill out a new client questionnaire and send it back to me!

Step 4: We'll meet for your first session. See below for first session details.


Your First Personal training Session

Your first session is when we get to know each other better, talk about your goals, your fitness preferences and of course get a great workout. From your very first session, I'll be tailoring the program with your specific goals and preferences in mind, so the workout is not only fun but effective. This first session will also be when we record your first benchmarks, so you can see your progress starting the very next time we work together.

Let's get started. I can't wait to meet you!





78704 Austin, TX







Call or Text (404) 805-7028 or email


Instagram & Twitter: @bfitaustin


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